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Screen Printing

This method is particularly good for straightforward designs using solid colours when the registration is not too complex. The design must be within the prescribed print area. At Promotional Ceramics we have the ability to print five colours by this method without removing the mug from the machine, this ensures excellent registration. We will also, where possible, mix colours to the clients pantone to achieve a match. 

Ideal for designs that are solid colours and where the registration is not too difficult.


Transfer Printing

This method is employed when the direct print method is not acceptable. This could be because the design is too complex or fine to print directly or the specified position is outside of the direct screen print area, for example on the handle, inside the mug or under the base of the mug.

In this process the design is colour separated and each colour is printed on to a special paper, building the design colour by colour, then it is cover coated to hold the design and then it is applied to the item of choice. If the transfer is applied by hand this method is termed as waterslide, if done by machine the method is termed heat release. This method is employed to decorate plates and all flatware. In the case of waterslide whilst every effort is made to keep the prints in line and straight there will be a variation across the production run and a degree of tolerance has to be accepted.

Printing Service

Dye Sublimation

This method is ideal for full colour images or designs with vibrant colours, but not crisp clean lines with very fine detail. Because the process uses dyes, not ceramic colours, and is only fired at a temperature of 200 degrees the colours remain vibrant. However, this means that the print is not adamant and will degrade with time particularly with dishwasher usage. 

This method is particularly well suited for small runs, bright colours and fast deliveries.

Printer Ink Check

Digital Printing

This method is very similar to the transfer print only instead of the colours being printed one at a time, they digitally printed together in one pass. After printing the design is covercoated and applied by the waterslide method. 

This option is well suited to small runs but has a limited palette of colours.


Dye Sublimation With

Heat Reveal Printing

This is when the total outside area of the mug is covered with a thermo-chromatic coating and the image is sublimated into the coating. When hot liquid is put into the mug the coating turns from a solid colour to a clear film allowing the image to "appear". When cold, the mug returns to the solid colour of the coating. This topcoat can be printed so a message can be seen when the mug is cold. Again as this method involves the dye sublimation process dishwashing is not recommended.

Great for designs that benefit from the dye sublimation method and require heat reveal.

This option is well suited to small runs but has a limited palette of colours.

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